Nik Bärtsch – Solo

One of the most talented and recognizable ECM Records artists, swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch is now available for concerts in Spain.

A fascinating solo album from the Swiss pianist and composer, Entendre offers deeper insight into Nik Bärtsch’s musical thinking, illuminating aspects of his playing and the nature of his modular pieces.

Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch was born in 1971 in Zurich, where he still lives. He took piano and percussion lessons from the age of 8 and subsequently studied at the city’s Musikhochschule and university, simultaneously freelancing in diverse bands, “playing everything from fusion to free-funk, and all kinds of extroverted jazz”.

Press Quotes

“Mr Bärtsch, a Swiss pianist, makes accrual-based music of clean power and firm insistence.
New York Time

“Bärtsch’s music of delicious dread is layered, contrapuntal, hypnotic and psychologically fascinating.”

Booking info

Dragos Basca
+34 643 255 005
Territory: Spain
In cooperation with OHSOTRUE Artists